The Coordinated Assessments (CA) Project is an effort to develop efficient, consistent, and transparent data-sharing among the co-managers (fish and wildlife agencies and Tribes) and regulatory/funding agencies (BPA & NOAA) of the Columbia River Basin (CRB) for anadromous fish related data.


The initial effort of the project has focused on the development of a Data Exchange Standard for four salmon and steelhead population indicators including natural origin spawner abundance, natural origin smolt to adult return rate, and natural origin recruits (adult and juvenile) per spawner.

The project has been coordinated by the Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring Partnership (PNAMP) with support from the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) StreamNet project. Oversight is provided through the Coordinated Assessments Planning Group (CAPG) which consists of representatives from the states, tribes and federal agencies. Facilitation and support are provided through the Coordinated Assessments Core Team. The CA project involves nearly a hundred biologists and data managers across the Columbia River Basin, representing essentially all agencies and tribes with an interest in anadromous fish management and recovery.


Visit the main PNAMP Coordinated Assessments webpage for more information.


Download the latest CA documents:

Data Sharing Agreement (5/31/16)

Coordinated Assessments Five Year Plan (5/31/15)

Coordinated Assessments Roadmap PowerPoint Presentation (5/31/15)



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