Meeting agendas, notes, and other information relevant to the Steering Committee is made available here for their reference.


July 21, 2016 Steering Committee Conference Call

April 27, 2016 Steering Committee Meeting

March 18, 2016 Steering Committee Conference Call

Dec 1, 2015 Steering Committee Meeting

The Steering Committee includes at least one representative data management professional from each partner and also may include representatives from other groups and organizations involved in regional fish and aquatic habitat data management. The group meets regularly and is chaired by the PSMFC StreamNet Program Manager.


The Steering Committee provides support, guidance and oversight of progress for the program. The Steering Committee’s role is to provide advice on the implementation of the program and ensure delivery of the project outputs and the achievement of project outcomes.


Current StreamNet Steering Committee Members:


Tom Pansky, BPA

Henry Franzoni, CRITFC

Nancy Leonard, NPCC

Bart Butterfield, IDFG

Dawn Anderson, MFWP

Cedric Cooney, ODFW

Steve Pastor, USFWS

Paul Clayton, CCT

Brodie Cox, WDFW

Tom Iverson, Coordinated Assessments Project Contractor

Jen Bayer, PNAMP

Chris Wheaton, PSMFC


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