Good morning SNAPI colleagues!


(“SNAPI” is the StreamNet Application Program Interface.)


Here is the agenda for next Tuesday’s StreamNet tech committee meeting.

  1. Purpose and need   (Mike & Bill)
    • Expectation is the API will fully replace Bill’s routines
    • Brief general description of Bill’s current rules and processes for various tables/data types   (Bill)
    • In general:  how the API works — a) what you send; b) validation; c) what you get back   (Greg)
  2. Which tables/data types will the API serve?   (Greg)
    • PSMFC proposes not denormalizing, but instead using our current SN DES tables and codes.
    • Which tables?  If any are not included, how will those data be exchanged?
    • Instances where options/alternatives will exist?  (e.g., Distribution?  Dams?  Hatcheries?)
  3. New field(s) needed in SN DES to meet API needs   (Greg & Mike)
    • ID field
    • Anything else?
  4. GIS in relation to the tables and API   (Van)
  5. Quick demo if any interest — PSMFC API interface using Access   (Mike)
  6. Does everyone have the resources and knowledge they need?  Help needed?   (Greg)
    • WDFW, ODFW, MFWP, IDFG  —  Got it covered, yes?
    • USFWS   …?
    • CRITFC   …?
    • CCT   …?
  7. Target dates (Greg)
    • Validation rules completed — January 31
    • Data providers programming and testing completed — April 30
    • Full switch over for all new data — May 1
    • All partners confirm successful add, modify, and delete records in all tables — May 15

The previous email had the wrong times listed.  We will start at 9:00 next Tuesday (12/12/17).  We have 2 hours allotted but it shouldn’t take that long.


Phone:  855-257-8693 PIN 8947879


So dress snappy (#5) that day.  To make sure we don’t make you snappy (#2), we plan to make this meeting as snappy (#6) as we can, so there should be no need to get snappy (#1) toward us.



Michael Banach
StreamNet Fisheries Biologist
Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission