The Classic Query System is a powerful tool for locating, displaying and downloading data from the StreamNet database.


In the Classic Query System, begin with the criterion you are most interested in, such as a species, a location, or a specific kind of data.

This is the original method of locating information contained in the main StreamNet database.  It queries the database at each step to ensure you don't run into dead ends.  It is not necessary to use all of the available criteria in building a query.  The only required criterion is Data Category.  


For example, if you are interested in data for a particular subbasin and know its name, it is not necessary to select a State - just begin with Subbasin.  However, if you are not certain of the name of the subbasin, you can start by selecting a State (or other geographic criterion) and then click Subbasin to see a list of all subbasins at least partially in that state.  



For more information

Visit the StreamNet Classic Data Query System and view/ download the StreamNet Classic Query User's Guide