(data-assessments image)This page contains links to the most recent and previous versions of the Coordinated Assessments Data Exchange Standard (DES) and is provided as a reference for the individuals who implement the data exchange system.  General information about the Coordinated Assessments effort can be found on the PNAMP web site.



Current official version, dated 07/01/2017.

The changes from version 20160527 can be seen here



Draft materials for the next version
For the current unoffical draft of the next version, or to see draft tables and suggestions that have been made, or to suggest a change or addition, send an email to Mike Banach.

Sixth Official version, dated 05/27/2016.  No longer in force as of 7/01/2017; superseded by version 20170701.

Fifth Official version, dated 06/19/2015.  No longer in force as of 5/27/2016; superseded by version 20160527.


Fourth Official version, dated 7/25/2014.  No longer in force as of 6/19/2015; superseded by version 20150619


Third Official version, dated 4/18/2014.  No longer in force as of 7/25/2014; superseded by version 20140725.


Second official version, dated 9/12/2013.  No longer in force; superseded by version 20140418.


First official version, dated 11/1/2012.  No longer in force; superseded by version 20130912.


Associated or referenced documents
Beasley et al., 2008.  Recommendations for Broad Scale Monitoring to Evaluate the Effects of Hatchery Supplementation on the Fitness of Natural Salmon and Steelhead Populations.  Final report of the Ad Hoc Supplementation Monitoring and Evaluation Workgroup (AHSWG).