This page contains specific information needed to implement and participate in the Coordinated Assessments Data Exchange.


It is maintained primarily as a reference source for those individuals who are implementing the automated data exchange systems. More general information about the Coordinated Assessments effort can be found on the PNAMP web site.







Current XML Schema Documents


The XML schemas for data exchange with the EPA Exchange Network.  


General schema documents

XML schemas for natural origin fish

XML schemas for hatchery origin fish

  • HatcherySpawning table (not yet developed)
  • PNI table (not yet developed)
  • EggToRelease table (not yet developed)
  • SAR-Hatchery table (not yet developed)
  • RperS-Hatchery table (not yet developed)


CAX Flow Configuration Document 


Description of the data flow configuration from source agencies and tribes to the CAX and EPA Exchange node. 

Version 1.0 (2015)



Data Sharing Agreements


The most current draft of the data sharing agreement template can be found here.





Term Definition
CAX Coordinated Assessments Data Exchange. This is the aggregated database of CA indicators and metrics submitted by data source agencies and housed at StreamNet.
DES Data Exchange Standard
Web Service An “always-on” function available at a specific World Wide Web address.
REST For our purpose, this is a simple type of web service that is generally implemented via the common HTTP protocol (browser speak). The acronym means REpresentational State Transfer.
CRUD Create, Read, Update, Delete. The 4 main operations that are performed on a data store resource.
GUID Globally Unique IDentifier. This is a computer generated unique id. Here is an example: 7D4D35FB-E4F1-4E71-99CF-400DB1EDE851
A GUID used as the primary id on every record in all CA data tables.
API Key This is the GUID assigned to a user of the StreamNet API. All records submitted or altered by a user are stamped with her/his unique id.