The Coordinated Assessments (CA) Project develops and shares "high level indicator" data for fish populations.  These high level indicators provide information on the health of whole fish populations:  their sizes, viability, and integrity.  Participants in the CA project include the fish and wildlife agencies and tribes, regulatory and funding agencies such as NOAA Fisheries and Bonneville Power Administration, and others.


The initial effort of the project has focused on the development of a Data Exchange Standard for four salmon and steelhead population indicators including natural origin spawner abundance, natural origin smolt to adult return rate, and natural origin recruits (adult and juvenile) per spawner.

CA is coordinated by the Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring Partnership (PNAMP) with support from StreamNet.  Oversight is provided through the Coordinated Assessments Planning Group which consists of representatives from the states, tribes, and federal agencies.  Facilitation and support are provided through the Coordinated Assessments Core Team.  Nearly a hundred biologists and data managers across the Columbia River basin participate in CA, representing nearly all agencies and tribes with an interest in anadromous fish management and recovery.


CA has developed data describing several indicators of natural origin salmon and steelhead population health, including spawner abundance, presmolt abundance, outmigrant abundance, smolt-to-adult return rate, and adult and juvenile recruits per spawner, as well as proportionate natural influence (PNI) of integrated natural / hatchery populations.


Visit the main PNAMP Coordinated Assessments webpage for more information.


Download the latest CA documents:

Coordinated Assessments Adaptive Management Diagram

Coordinated Assessments Predicted Data Delivery and Additions 2018

Data Sharing Agreement (8/8/17)

Coordinated Assessments Five Year Plan (11/09/18)

Coordinated Assessments Roadmap PowerPoint Presentation (5/31/15)


Data Visualizations

The following links provide access to visualizations of Coordinated Assessments data and other related data.  These visualizations are concepts developed by BPA to support QA/QC processes and management applications, using a recent snapshot of the CA data and supplemental data.  The data displayed are from Coordinated Assessments, NOAA’s Salmon Population Summary database, and BPA contractors directly to BPA outside the CAX (but using similar standards).  Collaborative development for common use of these tools are desired to ensure consistency across organizations.


NOAA SPS data browser:  Visualizes NOAA’s annual VSP time series data relative to ESA performance targets.  Helps to show what data NOAA may have used in most the recent consultation.

CAX data browser:  Visualizes Coordinated Assessments indicator time series data relative to ESA performance targets.

Spawner trend browser:  This viewer displays trends of populations and ESUs/DPSs using the most current data from various data sources.



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