The Access version of the StreamNet database contains most of the tables that make up StreamNet data.


To perform more sophisticated queries download the entire database in a Microsoft Access 2000 file (October 19, 2017).

These files have primary keys and indexes already built, many relationships between tables established, and sample queries. The LocMaster table contains all locations used in the other StreamNet tables, and includes fields that identify the georeference codes applicable for each location.



Data Updates

Data in StreamNet are updated at various intervals, depending on the type of data. Monitoring data sets such as redd counts and dam counts are generally updated annually while GIS layers and data sets of a more static nature are updated as information becomes available. Because the Data Store is a data set archive, data sets housed there are generally not updated. Due to current (fiscal years 2013 and 2014) efforts to expand StreamNet to include new data types, adjust project priorities, and automate data capture, routine annual updates of some data types are being temporarily delayed. Data updates submitted to StreamNet follow the StreamNet Data Exchange Standard (DES).