This is the Intro Text shown at the top of the page. The color is automatically added based on the page/ parent page.

This is the content displayed with the image in the body of the page. Remember to chose if you want the image area to display as a "heading" (full width) or as a "Column" (to the right).

Content added to the main content area of this page will display in the body of the page.

Add a “Featured Image”, “Page Details”, “Page Graphic”, and “Excerpt”. To have this page display on a Landing Page, you must set the Landing Page in the “Parent” drop-down. There is no need to add “Page links to”.

Select “Custom Content Page” from the “Template” drop-down and the left sidebar option under “Layout Settings” to use this layout.

Note: The "More Information" Links and Placement are being re-tooled to better accommodate the data. These instructions will be updated.