16 January, 2019

Population-Specific Mainstem SAR Data Updated

Mainstem smolt to adult return rate (SAR) data from the Fish Passage Center were updated December 24, 2018. We annually obtain mainstem SAR data from Fish Passage Center, determine the natural populations represented by each, and make these data available in the Coordinated Assessments query system. We now provide these data for the upper Columbia,

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3 January, 2019

StreamNet FY 19 Budget Reduced

As part of an agency-wide effort to control costs, the Bonneville Power Administration has identified cuts in funding for the Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program, beginning in the current fiscal year. These cuts are part of BPA’s “more disciplined approach to managing the total cost” of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council’s fish

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8 August, 2017

Coordinated Assessments Data Sharing Agreement

The data sharing agreement (DSA) for data providers and users of the Coordinated Assessments data is posted here:   Download the Revised Data Sharing Agreement If you have any concerns or comments, please contact Chris Wheaton, StreamNet Program Manager, at 503-595-3113.    

6 August, 2015

Tablet Computer Field Testing Report

StreamNet biologist Mike Banach has completed a final report on the testing of hand-held electronic devices in fisheries work, conducted with BPA support in a wide variety of projects last year. To read the report and see what many biologists in the Columbia basin felt about the technology available, click here.