Work Plans, Annual Reports, Briefing Papers, and Project Newsletters are available going back to 1996.  If you need one of these older documents, Contact Us and we’ll be happy to send it to you!


In 2009, StreamNet released a white paper entitled "Considerations for Regional Data Collection, Sharing and Exchange". This data sharing guide is a non-technical overview of the steps and actions required to allow rapid and efficient sharing of data from multiple sources. The guide provides a checklist of actions that agencies and other entities can use to evaluate their current data systems and to design improvements. It also describes the different roles regional entities can play to allow efficient data sharing.


The guide is also available in a condensed format as the Data Management Top Ten List


The StreamNet Data Exchange Standard (DES) is the database structure template used when new data are added to the main StreamNet database. Although not identical in every way, the DES closely resembles the database structure used to store data for data management purposes.


The StreamNet DES is meant for internal use by StreamNet personnel. We have made it available because we occasionally receive requests to share our DES, however, the DES is very complex and in general cannot be well understood without interacting with StreamNet personnel and without a significant time investment.  If you wish to use or examine the StreamNet DES, please download the file and then contact us to set up a discussion. We are happy to assist you.


Note: The Data Store is separate from the main database and does not use the DES.


For more information

View and download the StreamNet Data Sharing Guide and the most recent version of the Data Exchange Standard