StreamNet utilizes state-of-the-art database and geographic information system (GIS) technology to compile and maintain aquatic resource data. Data from StreamNet can be obtained as tables, GIS layers, charts, graphs, maps or as the entire database in Access format.

Data may be accessed through the Internet or as custom products prepared by StreamNet staff. 


Custom Products and Data Requests

StreamNet’s principal product is its database and accompanying electronic data delivery systems, including an archive of static and external data in the Data Store. StreamNet also prepares custom GIS maps, graphs, and data reports for use by those involved in the protection, management and restoration of the region’s aquatic resources. The project receives more than 1,500 requests for data and data services annually, and routinely provides data and services to state and federal agencies, tribes, regional authorities and private groups.


Access data online through our data query system (mostly data in tabular format), interactive mapping applications, web services (XML), or the Data Store (static data and data from other sources).