StreamNet-funded staff provide significant technical database, geographic information system, and data transfer support services to state fish and wildlife agencies.


StreamNet provides assistance to Watershed and Restoration Projects as well as technical assistance to Agencies and Tribes.

This includes database system development, data translation, serving external data requests, and data capture routine development. The project also provides services to regional tribes and regional organizations (such as the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Authority, Northwest Power and Conservation Council) as current staffing allows.



Assistance to Watershed and Restoration Projects

StreamNet can assist Fish and Wildlife Program-sponsored projects and related watershed and stream-specific projects by:


1) Providing baseline information on fish abundance, distribution, and other factors

2) Promoting utilization of data exchange protocols across watershed projects

3) Preparing custom data and map products for use by project participants,

4) Serving as a repository for data and reports prepared through these projects

5) Providing summarized data by subbasin


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