Columbia Gorge near Mosier

StreamNet supports data management infrastructure
(personnel, hardware, software, systems) within PSMFC, agencies
and tribes for the sharing of fish and aquatic habitat information.

Photo: Tony Grover


StreamNet helps promote information sharing and the common display of key indicators for resource managers and the public.

River otter – Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge

HEP is used to quantify the impacts of development, protection, and restoration on terrestrial and aquatic habitats by assessing changes, both negative and positive, in habitat quality and quantity .

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talking about Wychuss Creek floodplain restoration

StreamNet serves as a regional forum
for fish and aquatic habitat information management
and data sharing in the Columbia River Basin.

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Juvenile collector • an experiment to test collecting juveniles and transporting them by truck downstream below the dam. Data on juvenile fish counts is maintained in StreamNet.

Photo: Tony Grover

low flying caspian tern with smolt

StreamNet helps partners adapt to changing data management and data sharing priorities as directed by regional fish and wildlife managers.

Photo: Tony Grover

About StreamNet

StreamNet is a cooperative information management and data dissemination project focused on fisheries and aquatic related data and data related services in the Columbia River basin and the Pacific Northwest.


Data are provided in tabular format and as maps and GIS layers. Information is available through the online data query system, interactive mapping applications, the Data Store, or by custom request.