Icon for Fish HLI tool

High-level indicators shared through the Coordinated Assessments Partnership

Icon for Fish Monitoring Data tool

Fish Monitoring Data Query

StreamNet "trends" of
resident and anadromous
fish time series data

Logo for Data Store webpage

Data Store

Data sets available for download that don't fit our standardized systems

Logo for the StreamNet Mapper webpage

StreamNet Mapper

Resident and anadromous fish distributions and data collection locations

Interactive Dashboards

Topic specific tools combining content from multiple sources, such as screw traps usage and regional goals.

Icon for Fish Facility mapping tool

Fish Facilities Mapper

Monitoring locations, including dams, weirs, rotary screw traps, PIT-tag detectors, and hatcheries

Icon for GIS Data Sets webpage

GIS Data Sets

Fish distributions, facilities, physical features, hydrography base layers, and more

Icon for Protected Areas webpage

Protected Areas

River reaches protected from new hydroelectric development

Icon for HSRG - Hatchery Reform webpage

HSRG - Hatchery Reform

Hatchery Scientific Review Group's documents and tools used to review hatchery programs

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Habitat Evaluation Procedures used to assess hydrosystem effects on wildlife habitat

Logo for the Subbasin Plans & Data webpage

Subbasin Plans & Data

Supporting information for the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's 2001-2004 subbasin plans

Columbia Habitat Monitoring Program

Documents and data files produced by the pilot CHaMP project during 2011-2017