Logo for Data Store webpageThe Data Store is a searchable repository of data sets related to fish and other aquatic resources. Data sets are submitted from many different sources when there is not an agreed-upon standardized data format. The data sets are provided for download in their original formats and are generally not updated.

StreamNet did not participate in the creation of most of these data sets, and we are not able to answer questions about those we did not help develop. For questions about the data sets available from this page, please contact the originator of the particular data set.

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Add Data Sets to the Data Store

To add a data set to the Data Store, you need to use the Data Store’s Data Publishing Service.

Example Data Sets

Some examples of data sets currently archived and available from the Data Store include:

  • Status assessments for bull trout, Yellowstone cutthroat trout, and westslope cutthroat trout
  • Data from Northwest Power and Conservation Council Subbasin Planning
  • Bathymetry, temperature, and 3-D water flow velocity in Lower Granite Reservoir
  • Fish passage assessment, Wallowa County, OR
  • Idaho Fish and Game’s general parr monitoring
  • Genetic purity of Montana trout populations
  • Distribution and biological effects of mine spoils in the Methow River