Interactive Dashboards StreamNet has developed interactive dashboards to facilitate discovery and access to data maintained by StreamNet, other publicly accessible data and metadata repositories, and related documents. These dashboards focus on topics that have been identified as having regional interest and/or to support specific information needs by funders and decision-makers such as for the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Program. Regarding content displayed on these dashboards, StreamNet is not involved in the
  • development of goals and objectives
  • analysis used to interpret progress
  • individual projects’ scientific review and funding decisions
See below for additional background information related to these dashboards.

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Icon to access the CAP Fish HLI data mapper

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Fish goals used for regional assessments and reporting, and available data on StreamNet data systems that could be used to inform progress towards these goals .

Icon to access the CAP Fish HLI data mapper

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Screw Trap Usage

Information about rotary screw trap and links to data on regional data systems that are contributing to the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Program and funded by Bonneville Administration

Additional background information on the above dashboard tools.

MAFAC CBTFP Stock Goals: Interactive Dashboard  Through discussions with StreamNet Executive Committee members, and input from other committees and teams supporting StreamNet and CAP, the below map based tool was developed to more easily access the goals related to data managed by StreamNet. To provide some context for these goals, StreamNet was also asked to display relevant data along with the goals. However, this only serves to provide a very general context for the goals. Assessing progress towards the goals requires more extensive calculation by qualified entries, and is not within the scope of work performed by StreamNet. 

Screwtrap Dashboard: Through discussions with Bonneville Power Administration it was decided to explore facilitating access to multiple data/information streams related to rotary screw traps by providing an interactive dashboard to display this content and provide links to data and metadata repositories and publications. by compiling together within a dashboard accessible information from StreamNet Fish Monitoring Data query, BPA CBFish project tracking tool; PNAMP metadata documentation tool; data set from other regional data systems, and project annual reports