Meeting agendas, notes, and other information relevant to the Executive Committee is made available here for their reference.


The Executive Committee is comprised of policy-level representatives of StreamNet partners and representatives of regional management agencies and organizations that fund the program and/or use the information. This group is chaired by the Executive Director of PSMFC (or his designee) and includes representatives from each of the following organizations; BPA, CCT, CRITFC, IDFG, NOAA, NPCC, ODFW, USFWS and WDFW. The Executive Committee provides guidance to the StreamNet program to facilitate its effectiveness at achieving its goals.


The primary role of the Executive Committee is to ensure that StreamNet is aligned with the data management and sharing needs of the region, is focused on achieving strategic goals, and that StreamNet resources are aligned with both regional and agency priorities.  The Executive Committee meets at least once a year to ensure alignment of the program with regional information management needs and priorities.  


The Executive Committee is involved in setting priorities for the Coordinated Assessments project. As an initial step, the Committee requested that partner agencies indicate the amount of Coordinated Assessment data that they planned to submit in 2015. Results will be posted on the CA page. Future discussions are planned on the need to balance the focus of the project between data flow for existing indicators and the development of new indicators, with the knowledge that many of the same staff are involved in both activities


Current StreamNet Executive Committee Members:


Randy Fisher, PSMFC

Zach Penney, CRITFC

Jeff Lane, BPA

Greg Seiglitz, NOAA- Fisheries

Dan Rawding, WDFW

Don Skaar, MFWP

Roy Elicker, USFWS

Stan Allen, PSMFC

Tony Grover, NPCC

Russell Scranton, BPA

Tom Stahl, ODFW

Art Martin, ODFW

Lance Hebdon, IDFG

John Arterburn, CCT


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