25 March, 2019

StreamNet March 2019 Steering Committee Meeting

The StreamNet Steering Committee met in Portland on Friday, March 15, 2019. Primary agenda topics included preparation of a new budget and statement of work. There were also presentations on the Northwest Power and Conservation Council’s Programmatic Review and Fish and Wildlife Program Amendment Processes and a Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Assessment proposal from Montana Fish,

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25 January, 2019

StreamNet and Coordinated Assessments data help right-size monitoring efforts (December 2018)

Bonneville and the Council are working to ensure the right amount of monitoring data are collected to support Program implementation, without going overboard so that more funds are available for on-the-ground mitigation work.  When questions arose about what Deschutes River populations are being monitored versus what is required in the Biological Opinion, staff turned to

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16 January, 2019

Population-Specific Mainstem SAR Data Updated

Mainstem smolt to adult return rate (SAR) data from the Fish Passage Center were updated December 24, 2018. We annually obtain mainstem SAR data from Fish Passage Center, determine the natural populations represented by each, and make these data available in the Coordinated Assessments query system. We now provide these data for the upper Columbia,

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3 January, 2019

StreamNet FY 19 Budget Reduced

As part of an agency-wide effort to control costs, the Bonneville Power Administration has identified cuts in funding for the Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program, beginning in the current fiscal year. These cuts are part of BPA’s “more disciplined approach to managing the total cost” of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council’s fish

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8 August, 2017

Coordinated Assessments Data Sharing Agreement

The data sharing agreement (DSA) for data providers and users of the Coordinated Assessments data is posted here:   Download the Revised Data Sharing Agreement If you have any concerns or comments, please contact Chris Wheaton, StreamNet Program Manager, at 503-595-3113.    

7 January, 2016

Presentations from Emerging Technology Conference Now Available

StreamNet, PNAMP, and Sitka Technologies combined resources with the Western Forestry and Conservation Association in November to host another Emerging Technologies Workshop. Many of the presentations from the workshop are now available here:  http://westernforestry.org/past-conferences/5th-annual-field-technology-for-data-collection-and-mapping-in-forestry-and-natural-resources