Columbia River Basin Screw Traps

Information about rotary screw trap and links to data on regional data systems that are contributing to the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Program and funded by Bonneville Administration

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About this ScrewTrap Dashboard – What it is and What it is not.

Why developed:

Through discussions with Bonneville Power Administration it was decided to explore facilitating access to multiple data/information streams related to rotary screw traps by providing an interactive dashboard to display this content and provide links to data and metadata repositories and publications. by compiling together within a dashboard accessible information from StreamNet Fish Monitoring Data query, BPA CBFish project tracking tool; PNAMP metadata documentation tool; data set from other regional data systems, and project annual reports 

What it is intended to convey


What it is not intended to be used as 

Additional Information and Supporting Resources 

link to cbfish, monitoringresources. org etc 

Detailed ScrewTrap Information  (link / insert what is created by Binh and Greg as a plug in)