Icon for Data Exchange Standards webpageData available from StreamNet originate in a variety of agency and tribal databases. In order for StreamNet data to be easily used, they are converted to a standard structure before being added to the database. A Data Exchange Standard (DES) is a set of formal rules for the structure of data elements for a data category, such as “the smolt-to-adult return rate DES” or “the fish monitoring data DES.” These rules apply when transferring data between systems and are agreements on the representation, format, definition, structuring, tagging, transmission, manipulation, use, and management of data. StreamNet maintains two DES documents. One contains standards for fish population high-level indicator (HLI) data, and the second is for fish monitoring data (“trends”). Data submitted to StreamNet are checked against the appropriate DES before being incorporated into the database.

The current DES documents are available in the links below. Also available below are other resources related to the DES documents we maintain, including our formal process for changing a DES, a snapshot of the data validation rules applied when data are submitted, and data entry templates that match the current DESs.

DES and Validation Rules for the CAP Fish HLI (CAX) Database

Additions or changes to a DES are made following a formal procedure described in the Data Exchange Standard Development and Revision Procedures document (also available below).

DES Documents

FileDescriptionFile Date
Coordinated Assessments hatchery indicators DES (version 20230614)

Coordinated Assessments hatchery indicators Data Exchange Standard (DES), pilot version 20230614. Effective date: 6/14/2023. This zip file contains the following file versions of the DES: PDF document; Word document; Word document with tracked changes; Access database template; and Excel template; initial draft list of hatchery programs.

StreamNet DES (version 2024.1)

StreamNet Data Exchange Standards (DES) document version 2024.1.  Contains data structures, definitions, and business rules for fish monitoring data, location coding, age data, fish distribution, barriers, references, hatcheries, and dams.  This version applies to data sent February 1, 2024 and after.

Coordinated Assessments DES documents for current version (20200715)

Coordinated Assessments Data Exchange Standard, Version 202007015, Effective Date:  7/15/2020.  This ZIP file contains the following file versions of the DES: PDF document, word document, word document with track changes, Access Database template, and Excel template

Data Exchange Standard Development and Revision Procedures

Describes process followed when creating a new data exchange standard (DES) or when revising an existing DES used for exchanging standardized data with StreamNet’s fish monitoring data (“trends”) and with Coordinated Assessments Partnership’s fish high level indicators data systems.