Fishery-related educational resources are provided here for your reference.


Interactive Salmon Life Cycle 

Educational resource detailing the life cycle of salmon, with links to pictures of various life stages.


EPA Final Report

Final report of the WDFW EPA Grant for Coordinated Assessments


Generalized Life History Patterns 

Table listing the most common timing of life history stages for anadromous salmonids.


Fishes Found in Fresh Waters of the Pacific Northwest States and British Columbia 

Listing of species and subspecies of fishes present in fresh waters of Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, California, and British Columbia, along with their Latin and common names.


Pesticide Ruling 

Fish distribution data and other information relating to the January 22, 2004 ruling by the United States District Court, Western District of Washington at Seattle, regarding spraying 54 pesticides near “salmon supporting waters.”